FIGURE 2: Differential transcript abundance during PQ-stress and aging. Venn diagrams of up- (left) and down- (right) regulated transcripts (factor 3; pV < 0.01) identified in transcriptome analysis. Factors are the quotient of tpm (tags per million) of treated (200 µM PQ for 24 h or aging) and control samples.

(A) Venn diagram of transcripts regulated in juvenile PQ-treated (juv PQ = tpm 6 days PQ / tpm 6 days control, red) and aged cultures (tpm 14 days control/ tpm 6 days control, dark blue) and

(B) juvenile PQ-treated (juv PQ = tpm 6 days PQ /tpm 6 days control, red), middle-aged PQ-treated (ma PQ = tpm 11 days PQ / tpm 11 days control, yellow) and senescent PQ-treated (sen PQ = 15 days PQ/ 14 days control, light blue) P. anserina. The size of a circle represents the number of regulated transcripts.

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