FIGURE1: SIR2 deletion does not have a major impact on CLS either in normal growth conditions or under caloric restriction.

Chronological lifespan of wild type (background BY4741) or sir2D cells submitted to (A) non-caloric restriction (non-CR) or (B) caloric restriction (CR) conditions. All experiments were performed in synthetic complete (SC) medium containing yeast nitrogen base and glucose, as a carbon source, supplemented with the appropriate amino acids and bases. The concentration of glucose used was 2% in non-CR conditions or 0.5% to promote CR. Cells were incubated at 26°C with shaking at 150 rpm. Cultures reached stationary phase 2 days later and this was considered day 0 of CLS. Survival was assessed by counting colony-forming units (CFUs) beginning at day 0 of CLS (when viability was considered to be 100%), and then again every 2-3 days until less than 0.1% of the cells in the culture were viable. The data represent mean ± SEM of three biological independent replicas. No statistical significance was obtained between the CLS curves presented both in panel A and in panel B, as determined by two-way ANOVA.

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