FIGURE 1: M. tuberculosis uses Rv1988 and Rv2966c to hijack the host transcriptional machinery.

During infection, M. tuberculosis secrete proteins like Rv1988 and Rv2966c to epigenetically modulate expression of host genes involved in first line of defense including ROS activity. Dampening of the initial host defense could allow mycobacteria to utilize additional multiple factors to ensure its continued survival and persistence in the host cell. White text in blue boxes represents action by the mycobacterium. Black text in open boxes represents action in the host cell. Mtb – M. tuberculosis. Artwork depicts the action of Rv1988 and Rv2966c. Within the illustration, black horizontal bar depicts DNA within the host chromatin; blue circles – Nucleosomes; green circle – Rv1988; yellow rectangles – Rv2966c; blue rectangle – M. tuberculosis bacillus; me2H3R42me2; M – cytosine methylation; raised arrows – gene transcription; X – repression or inhibition of gene transcription.

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