FIGURE 1: Experimental system.

(A) Schematic of the INO1 promoter, with the relevant regulatory elements and DNA zip codes highlighted. GRS: Gene Recruitment Sequence [6]; MRS: Memory Recruitment Sequence [10]; UASINO: Upstream Activating Sequence regulated by inositol.

(B and C) Experimental setups for studying interchromosomal clustering using two different repressor arrays (B) or two identical arrays (C).

(D) Representative confocal micrographs of cells having two GFP-marked arrays. Scale bar = 1µm.

6. Ahmed S, Brickner DG, Light WH, Cajigas I, McDonough M, Froyshteter AB, Volpe T and Brickner JH (2010). DNA zip codes control an ancient mechanism for gene targeting to the nuclear periph-ery. Nat Cell Biol 12:111-118.

10. Light WH, Brickner DG, Brand VR and Brickner JH (2010). Interaction of a DNA zip code with the nuclear pore complex promotes H2A.Z incorporation and INO1 transcriptional memory. Mol Cell 40:112-125.

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