FIGURE 2: Nuclei counts in hyphae of wild type and CA-BcRAC strain.

Hyphae were harvested, stained with Hoechst 33342 and visualized at 400x magnification. Images were captured using the z-stack function with 0.3 µm sections. Images show consecutive z sections of wild type (top) and CA-BcRAC (bottom) hyphae. In each section the most distinct nuclei are automatically marked by the software (also manually marked by arrows in images of the wild type hyphae). Scale bar = 20 µm. The number of nuclei between the hyphal tip and the first septum was counted manually (white bars) and by the Layer module of the SCAN© software (black bars). For the wild type, the graph shows the average number ± s.d. of nuclei counted in 30 hyphal segments. For CA-BcRAC graph shows the actual number of nuclei counted in a specific hyphal segment.

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