FIGURE 2: Loss of Tda1p reduces the rate of size increase but it does not affect the critical size or the birth size.

(A) The birth size of tda1/tda1∆ cells and their TDA1/TDA1 counterparts (in the BY4743 background) was measured from three independent experiments in each case, cultured in 1% w/v yeast extract, 2% w/v peptone and 2% w/v of either Dextrose (Dex), Galactose (Gal) or Glycerol (Gly). From synchronous, elutriated cultures (see Materials and Methods, and Table 1) of the same strains and media as in (A), we calculated thecorresponding values for thespecific rate of cell size increase constant k (in h-1) shown in (B), and the critical size values shown in (C).

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