FIGURE 4: Heme reduction strengthens ARTs’ anti-mitochondrial effect.

(A) ART had little negative effect on O2 consumption in both the WT and HEM2-KD strains (ns, no significance).

(B) Similar levels of mitochondrial depolarization at much lower ART concentrations could be observed when heme is down-regulated. The membrane potential ( Δym ) was assessed by measuring the Δym-dependent uptake of Rh123. Lower uptake of the probe indicates lower Δym.

(C, D) HEM2-KD yeast has reduced ART’s metabolism rate as compared to WT. (C) is the chromatogram of ART in LC-MS analysis. The peak of ART is at 6.94 min.

(D) is quantitative measurement of results from three parallel experiments. ***, p<0.001.

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