MIC sponsors 2nd International Symposium “One mitochondrion, many diseases” (March 2016, Freiburg, Germany)

Microbial Cell is proud to be a sponsor of the 2nd International Symposium “One mitochondrion, many diseases” (Freiburg, Germany, March 9th and 10th 2016), a Junior Researcher Conference organized by Verónica I. Dumit (Freiburg), Florian Steinberg (Freiburg), Ralf Zerbes (Freiburg), Ralf Braun (Bayreuth) and Denis Gris (Sherbrooke, Canada), which aims at bringing local, national, and international junior and established senior researchers together that work on the molecular aspects of chemical toxicity and different diseases. The symposium intends to outline common and distinct roles of mitochondria upon these pathophysiological conditions. Researchers using different model systems, and applying various experimental approaches are highly welcome to attend and contribute to this symposium.

Please visit the official conference website for more information, including the registration, program and venue!

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