Microbial Cell Impact Factor

We expect Microbial Cell to have an official impact factor (IF) in the course of 2021. A journal’s IF is calculated by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics based on the data retrieved by the Web of Science and published every year in the Journal Citation Reports. However, an IF is only calculated for the journals listed in the so-called Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), which covers only publications that have passed a rigorous and long selection process by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics. This selection process can take several years, since it is monitored how a given journal establishes itself in the respective research community.

Microbial Cell, as a young journal run by scientists through an independent Publishing House (Shared science Publishers), has been followed by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics in the course of the last years with very positive reviews. Thus, in 2015, we were included in the so-called Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a selection of developing journals picked by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics for their potential to be accepted in the SCIE. This draft is made based on the journal’s publishing standards, quality, editorial content, and citation data. As an ESCI-selected journal, Microbial Cell is listed in the Web of Science (since 2016) and are being evaluated to be included in the SCIE in the course of 2020.

Notably, Microbial Cell has very positively developed and strongly grown since its emergence, reflecting the steadily improving exposure and acceptance of the journal in the unicellular research community and even beyond. This development is mirrored in the Web of Science citation analysis:

To sum up, after more than five years of a highly selective process to obtain an official IF, we expect Microbial Cell to have one in the course of 2021.

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