Back to article: The multiple functions of the numerous Chlamydia trachomatis secreted proteins: the tip of the iceberg

FIGURE 3: Functions of C. trachomatis Incs effectors. (A) Incs subverting host cell vesicular transport (IncA, IncE, CpoS). (B) Incs interfering with microfilaments and microtubules (IPAM, InaC), and mediating Golgi redistribution around the inclusion (InaC); PTM, post-translationally modified. (C) Incs participating in ER-inclusion MCSs (IncD, IncV). (D) Incs modulating chlamydial extrusion by subverting Ca2+ signalling and myosin II function (CT228, MrcA). An unknown Inc possibly recruits STIM1 to the inclusion membrane. The number of transmembrane domains illustrated for each Inc is based on [42]. See list of abbreviations, main text, and Table 1 for details.

42. Dehoux P, Flores R, Dauga C, Zhong G, Subtil A (2011). Multi-genome identification and characterization of chlamydiae-specific type III secretion substrates: the Inc proteins. BMC genomics 12: 109. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-109

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