Back to article: The multiple functions of the numerous Chlamydia trachomatis secreted proteins: the tip of the iceberg

FIGURE 5: C. trachomatis proteins secreted into the inclusion lumen. (A) C. trachomatis glycogen metabolizing enzymes shown (GlgA and GlgX) or deduced (GlgB, GlgP, MalQ, and MrsA) to localize in the inclusion lumen, and C. trachomatis proteins (Pls1, Pls2, CT142, CT143, and CT144) of unknown function appearing in the inclusion lumen, by IF microscopy, as large globular structures; G6P, glucose 6-phosphate. (B) C. trachomatis putative protease Ptr that specifically mediates the recovery from IFNγ-induced chlamydial persistence. See list of abbreviations, main text, and Table 2 for details.

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