Back to article: Depletion of SNAP-23 and Syntaxin 4 alters lipid droplet homeostasis during Chlamydia infection

FIGURE 4. The addition of OA enhances the induction of LD content in SNAP-23 or Syntaxin 4 knock down cells during Chlamydia infection. Cells were (A) infected in the presence of OA for 24 h, or (B) pre-treated with OA for 24 h before infection. The cells were then stained with BODIPY, fixed, and the BODIPY intensity was measured by flow cytometry. For the infected populations, only the mCherry-positive cells were measured. Graphs represent the average increase in BODIPY staining following infection relative to empty vector control cells from at least three independent experiments ± the standard deviation. The percent increase in BODIPY staining following infection for the empty vector control cell line was arbitrarily set at 100% and represents (A) 174.72% ± 17.61% and (B) 181.63% ± 30.55%. Values for the KD cells were then normalized to the EV control. Asterisk (*) denotes a p value < 0.05 and (**) denotes a p value <0.01. ns = not significant. EV = empty vector control, SN23 = SNAP-23, Syn3 = Syntaxin 3, Syn4 = Syntaxin 4, LDs = lipid droplets. MOI = multiplicity of infection. Ctr = Chlamydia trachomatis.

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