Back to article: Imbalance in gut microbes from babies born to obese mothers increases gut permeability and myeloid cell adaptations that provoke obesity and NAFLD

FIGURE 2: Representative photomicrographs of picrosirius red staining in the livers from mice colonized with stool from 2-week-old infants born to (A) normal-weight and (B) obese mothers. Black arrows indicate bile ducts. BD, bile duct; PV, portal vein. Sections of liver were collected and fixed in 10% formaldehyde and transferred to 70% ethanol until embedded in paraffin and processed on slides for picrosirius red staining. All staining was completed by the University of Colorado Cancer Center Research Histology Shared Resource. Images were captured on an Olympus BX53 microscope using cellSens software and DP27 camera (Olympus). All animal studies were approved by University of Colorado Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (protocol number 00309).

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