Back to article: A new role for proteins subunits of RNase P: stabilization of the telomerase holoenzyme

image description

FIGURE 1. (a) Table presents names of proteins in RNase P and MRP in both S. cerevisiae and H. sapiens; (+) and (-) indicate presence or absence of the protein in the indicated RNase complex. Names of three Pop proteins that are telomerase-associated in S. cerevisiae are in red. (b) Structure of the 340 nt RNase MRP RNA subunit, NME, bound by Pop1 (red; ~100kDa), Pop6 (orange; ~18 kDa), Pop7 (tan; ~16 kDa) at the P3 stem-loop domain. (c) Diagram of the 1157 nt S. cerevisiae telomerase RNA, TLC1, bound by the core holoenzyme protein components. Expanded area depicts the Cs2a/TeSS (P3-like) domain in TLC1 to which Pop1, 6, and 7 bind. Images were made in BioRender (

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