Back to article: Microfluidic techniques for separation of bacterial cells via taxis

FIGURE 7: Temperature and the chemical gradients were generated in a single microfluidic device to study the combined effect of thermotaxis and chemotaxis in bacteria. (i) Schematic diagram of the device integrated with an infrared thermal camera-mounted microscope. (ii) Schematic diagram illustrating how the device generates chemical and thermal gradient across channel under investigation with cells. (iii) The microfluidic device used in the experiment. Reproduced from [23].

23. Murugesan N, Dhar P, Panda T, and Das SK (2017). Interplay of chemical and thermal gradient on bacterial migration in a diffusive microfluidic device. Biomicrofluidics 11(2): 024108. doi: 10.1063/1.4979103

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