Back to article: Microfluidic techniques for separation of bacterial cells via taxis

FIGURE 8: Microfluidic devices for bacterial magnetotaxis. (i) Microfluidic sorting was performed by applying magnetic field ‘H' (thick arrows) across the cross-section of the Y-shaped microchannel. (ii) Ferrofluids containing magnetic nanoparticles that are placed near the channel at 10 μm align (‘M'- thin arrows) along the applied magnetic field 'H'. (iii) As a result, attractive magnetic force 'Fm' was generated in magnetic cells (red circle) which is sorted from non-magnetic cells (blue circle). (iv) The microfluidics chip (ii) was placed in a chip holder with tubing, magnets and inverted microscope for visual control. Reproduced from [57].

57. Myklatun A, Cappetta M, Winklhofer M, Ntziachristos V, and Westmeyer GG (2017). Microfluidic sorting of intrinsically magnetic cells under visual control. Sci Rep 7(1): 1–8. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06946-x

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