Back to article: Regulation of Cdc42 for polarized growth in budding yeast

FIGURE 5: Model for inhibition of Cdc42 at the current and old cell division sites by negative polarity cues. During cytokinesis, Rga1 (green) and the Nba1-Nis1-Gps1 complex inhibit Cdc42 repolarization to the division site. After cytokinesis and septum formation, the Nba1-Nis1 complex (red) are inherited to the immediately preceding division site and remain at the older division sites (CRMs) via interaction with Rax1/Rax2 (blue lines). Rga1 also localizes transiently to CRMs via interaction with Nba1-Nis1 and inhibits Cdc42 repolarization at CRMs. The complex at the old division site is omitted in the cell shown on the left. Taken from Ref. [49].

49. Miller KE, Lo WC, Lee ME, Kang PJ, Park H-O (2017). Fine-tuning the orientation of the polarity axis by Rga1, a Cdc42 GTPase-activating protein. Mol Biol Cell 28(26): 3773-3788. 10.1091/mbc.E17-01-0074

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