Back to article: Systematic analysis of nuclear gene function in respiratory growth and expression of the mitochondrial genome in S. cerevisiae

FIGURE 1: Defining a set of high confidence nuclear pet mutants. (A) Venn diagram comparing the results of four different screens ([18][23][25] and this study) for mutants with a pet phenotype. In each case, genome-wide collections of viable deletion mutants were analyzed and a pet phenotype was attributed to strains that were unable to grow on rich media containing glycerol as nonfermentable carbon source. (B) A pet score was derived from the four screens depicted in A by comparing the times a pet phenotype was reported for each gene to the times the deletion mutant was analyzed. See text for details. Viable deletion mutants were grouped according to their pet score and analyzed for the percentage of encoded proteins that were found in a high confidence mitochondrial proteome [8]. A detailed list containing the results from A and B can be found in Table S1. (C) Mutants with a pet score higher than 0.5, referred to as high confidence pet mutants, were manually grouped into functional categories. Lists of the genes present in each group can be found in Tables 1 and S2.

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