Back to article: Cellular cholesterol licenses Legionella pneumophila intracellular replication in macrophages

FIGURE 6: Microscopy analysis of cholesterol and neutral lipids content of BMDMs infected with L. pneumophila. (a-c) Representative micrographs of 3D projections from infected (O) and bystander (Δ) BMDMs at six hpi with GFP-expressing Lp01 ΔflaA (a-b) or Lp01 ΔflaAΔdotA. Cells were stained with Filipin and NileRed for visualization of the cellular pools of cholesterol and neural lipids, respectively. LCVs are indicated with arrow heads (>) (b-c) Show individual channels pseudo-colored with the Kindlmann color map. (d-e) Violin Plots of Filipin (d) and NileRed (e) mean fluorescent intensity (MFI) in infected and bystander macrophages at six hpi. n– the number of cells included in each condition. n.s – not significant, *** p<0.0001 (two-tailed unpaired T-test) (a-e) Representative data from one of three biological replicates are shown.

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