Back to article: Balanced CoQ6 biosynthesis is required for lifespan and mitophagy in yeast

FIGURE 6: Model of Ptc7/Coq7 action to promote CLS extension.

Ptc7 can regulate mitochondrial metabolisms in two different ways that are not directly related. After post diauxic shift, Coq7 expression and its activation by Ptc7 dephosphorylation leads to high levels of CoQ6 concomitant with an increase of mitochondrial biogenesis. CLS extension requires a respiratory growth phase previous to the entrance in the stationary phase. The excess of mitochondria after the start of the stationary phase can be recycled by mitophagy to maintain an appropriated mitochondrial homeostasis. Ptc7 participates on mitophagy most likely by dephosphorylating of unknown target(s). Both functions, at different time frames, can help to promote a CLS extension in yeast.

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