Back to article: Cristae architecture is determined by an interplay of the MICOS complex and the F1FO ATP synthase via Mic27 and Mic10

FIGURE 6: Model for the functional interplay between the MICOS-complex and the F1FO-ATP synthase in yeast. Schematic representation of MICOS subunits in the mitochondrial inner membrane. Mic60 (pink) interacts (black arrow) via its C-terminus with protein complexes (grey) in the outer membrane (OM; e.g. the SAM-/TOB-complex). Mic27 (blue) mediates the interaction between Mic10 (green) and the remaining MICOS-complex. Mic10 interacts with part of the F1FO-ATP synthase (orange) via the dimer-specific F1FO-ATP synthase subunit e (Su e in pale green). Black lines indicate observed crosslinks. OM: outer membrane, IM: inner membrane.