Back to article: Farnesol inhibits translation to limit growth and filamentation in C. albicans and S. cerevisiae

FIGURE 3: Farnesol represses morphological transition in C. albicans. (A) Overnight exponential cultures of the CAI4 strain were harvested, washed in water then incubated for 6 hours in different prewarmed media: YPD medium or YPD containing 150 µM farnesol; YPD containing 10% serum or YPD 10% serum with 150 µM farnesol; YPD containing 0.5% butanol or YPD 0.5% butanol with 70 µM farnesol. Cells were visualised via microscopy and photo-graphed. (B) Cells from the above cultures were counted according to morphology using a cell counting chamber where pseudohyphae were scored if evidence of a restriction point between two cells was apparent, whereas hyphae were scored where elongated cells with no restriction points were viewed. Percentages are an average from three biological replicates (error bars = SEM).

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