Back to article: Farnesol inhibits translation to limit growth and filamentation in C. albicans and S. cerevisiae

FIGURE 4: Farnesol does not induce GCN4 expression or effect the dynamics of the eIF2B body. (A) and (B) CAI4 and gcn2Δ strains bearing the GCRE-Luc (A) and GCN4-Luc (B) reporters were treated with 1% (v/v) butanol or 100 µM farnesol for 2 h, extracts were prepared, then renilla luciferase activity was measured relative to untreated. Error bars = ± SEM. (C) Images from time-lapse microscopy studies using an eIF2Bγ-GFP expressing C. albicans strain. The strains were incubated in media with 1% butanol, or 100 µM farnesol, or they were left untreated (UT) for 15 min as indicated. Each row contains three stills from a series of 25 images over a period of 2 min, as well as a merged image of all 25 stills, which serves to depict the total extent of 2B body movement. (D) Bar chart depicting the mean distance moved in μ over a 2-min period from 24 time-lapse experiments. Error bars, ±1 SEM.