Back to article: Impact of histone H4K16 acetylation on the meiotic recombination checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FIGURE 3: H4K16 acetylation is necessary for normal Mek1 and Hop1 phosphorylation.

Western blot analysis of Mek1 and Hop1 activation in wild type (DP421), zip1 (DP422), zip1 H4-K16Q (DP1001) and zip1 H4-K16R (DP995) strains throughout meiosis. Black arrows point the Mec1/Tel1-dependent phosphorylated form of Mek1, whereas white arrows mark the bands resulting from Mek1 autophosphorylation [21]. Asterisks mark non-specific bands. H3T11 phosphorylation and Cdc5 inhibition were used as additional molecular markers for checkpoint activation. PGK was used as a loading control.

21. Ontoso D, Acosta I, van Leeuwen F, Freire R, San-Segundo PA (2013). Dot1-dependent histone H3K79 methylation promotes activation of the Mek1 meiotic checkpoint effector kinase by regulating the Hop1 adaptor. PLoS Genet 9(1): e1003262.

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