Back to article: Improvement of biochemical methods of polyP quantification

FIGURE 2: polyP is unstable when strong acids are employed during the extraction process. Relative amount of polyP after treatment with the different extraction solutions. Commercial polyP (4 μg) was incubated at different times with the different extraction solutions: (A) neutral-phenol at 4°C, (B) acid-phenol at 4°C, (C) 1 M H2SO4 at room temperature and (D) 1 M HClO4 at 4°C. The mixes were neutralized, purified using affinity columns and the polyP eluted with MilliQ water. polyP amount was determined from the amount of Pi produced upon treatment with rPpx1. The graphs represent the percentage of polyP relative to time zero of each condition. Mean ± SEM from 3 independent experiments is shown.

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