Back to article: Integrative modules for efficient genome engineering in yeast

FIGURE 3: Proof of concept – Concentration does not correlate with inclusion formation. (A) Gradual increase in the amount of GFP-VHL according to integrated copies, Fluorescence Intensity was quantified in 30 single cells in the population, the average and standard errors are represented on the graph. (B) Confocal images of cells carrying 4 copies of GFP-VHL on pDK-AC, TC, UC, HC modules subjected to the range of temperatures for 1h, scale bar 1 µm. (C) Quantification of inclusion forming cells in the population according to the change in the temperature and the concentration, the numbers represent % of the cells with inclusions (n = 300), correlation coefficient of aggregation and temperature (r(temperature)) and aggregation and concentration (r(concentration)) is provided under the diagram.

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