Back to article: Leishmania guyanensis parasites block the activation of the inflammasome by inhibiting maturation of IL-1β

FIGURE 1: LRV1 does not activate RLR signaling. (A, B) BMDMs from mice deficient in MAVS and their C57BL/6 WT counterparts were infected with LgyLRV1+ or LgyLRV1- parasites or stimulated with a synthetic TLR3 ligand, poly(I:C). After 24 hours, the NF-kB cytokines, IL-6 (A) and TNF-α (B) in BMDM supernatant were quantified by ELISA. (C, D) MAVS-/- and C57BL/6 WT mice were infected with LgyLRV1+ or LgyLRV1- parasites in their hind footpads. (C) Weekly lesional swelling was monitored as a proxy for disease progression. (D) At the peak of infection (4 weeks), parasite burden was measured by in vivo luminescence, by injecting mice intra-peritoneally with 15 mg/kg luciferin. Data is representative of a minimum of three independent experiments, using at least five mice per condition, and showed as mean ± SEM. Significance tested by Student’s t-test (bar graphs) or one-way Anova (disease score), ns: non-significant.