Back to article: Leishmania guyanensis parasites block the activation of the inflammasome by inhibiting maturation of IL-1β

FIGURE 5: L. guyanensis and L. infantum infection induce the up-regulation of the inflammasome inhibitory factor, A20. BMDMs from C57BL/6 WT mice were infected with LgyLRV1+, LgyLRV1-, Linf S1 or Linf S2 parasites or stimulated with poly(I:C) (p(I:C)) as a positive control for TLR3 activation. (A) At 4 or 8 hours after infection, cells were collected, proteins were extracted from cell lysates and were blotted for A20 and γ-tubulin. (B) Quantification of protein expression of LgyLRV1+ or LgyLRV1- infected or poly(I:C) treated macrophages. The graph is representative of four independent experiments, and shown as mean ± SD. Two-way ANOVA was used to calculate significance. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ns: non-significant.

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