Back to article: Microbial competition between Escherichia coli and Candida albicans reveals a soluble fungicidal factor

FIGURE 1: E. coli kills C. albicans in culture. (A) Percent survival of E. coli cultured alone or in co-culture with C. albicans. (B) Percent survival of C. albicans cultured alone or in co-culture with E. coli added at T=0 hours or at T= six hours. Data shown reflect mean ± SD of n = 3. Statistical significance was calculated using a two-way ANOVA in Prism 7.0. For each time point, both C. albicans + E. coli media types were compared to the C. albicans media control. P-values were subsequently corrected for multiple comparisons using the Bonferroni method. **** denotes an adjusted p-value of less than 0.0001. No time points were found to be statistically significant in Figure 1A.

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