Back to article: Microbial competition between Escherichia coli and Candida albicans reveals a soluble fungicidal factor

FIGURE 3: E. coli toxicity depends on magnesium limitation. (A) Percent survival of C. albicans cultured in E. coli + C. albicans conditioned media with the indicated concentrations of added MgSO4. To calculate statistical significance, percent survivals were first log10 normalized to stabilize variances. Paired, two tailed t-tests were performed to compare every condition to the negative control (0 mM). (B) Quantified magnesium concentration in condition media. (C) Percent survival of C. albicans cultured in the indicated conditioned media for 16 hours. EDTA was added at 500 μM final concentration. Data shown reflect mean ± SD of n = 3. Statistical significance was calculated using a paired two-tailed t-test (*p > 0.05; **p > 0.01 ***p > 0.001).

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