Back to article: Non-canonical regulation of glutathione and trehalose biosynthesis characterizes non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts with poor performance in active dry yeast production

FIGURE 4: Principal components (PCA) statistical analysis of the argan oil effects on the physiological and biochemical biomarkers with represented total variance of 79%. Component 1 reflects 39.55% total variance (with a positive correlation with biomass yield, trehalose levels and glutathione reductase activity) and Component 2 reflects 30.45% total variance (with a positive correlation with GSSG levels). Lines belong to the variance of the dependent variables or the biochemical biomarkers measured (biomass yield, fermentative capacity, lipid peroxidation, protein carbonylation, protective metabolites and enzymatic activities) arranged in two dimensions according to Components 1 and 2. Study strains and conditions (control and argan oil supplementation) are labeled with different symbols: T73 (dark blue); C. stellata (pink); T. delbrueckii (green); P. fermentans (yellow); H. osmophila (red); and H. guilliermondii (bright blue), and are associated with the dependent variable, which differs from the other strains and conditions.

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