Back to article: Nutritional and meiotic induction of transiently heritable stress resistant states in budding yeast

FIGURE 6: Ctt1 and Msn2/4 are not involved in starvation induced cellular memory. (A) Representative images of a CTT1-GFP strain after 1 hour of NaCl exposure, 12 hours of glucose starvation (Starved), or 12 hours of glucose starvation + 1 hour of NaCl treatment (Starved + 1hr NaCl) are shown in the left panels. The right panels show the same cells treated with thiolutin concurrent with NaCl exposure. (B) A ctt1∆ strain was compared with an isogenic WT strain for starvation induced cellular memory. Survival of WT and ctt1∆ cells to H2O2 exposure using spot tests is shown. (C) H2O2 stress resistance spot assay of 12 hours glucose starvation (Starved) and mid-log cells (Naive) of a WT and msn2Δ msn4Δ strain. (D) Survival of msn2 msn4∆ cells released from glucose starvation and exposed to H2O2 was quantified. Error bars represent 1 standard error of the mean.

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