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Figure 7: The helix H84 in the 60S r-subunit, the symportin Syo1 and the p53 regulator MDM2 share the same binding site on L11 r-protein. (A) Structure of the 5S RNP as is assembled in the mature 60S r-subunit bound to 25S rRNA (nucleotides 2651-2750 comprising helices H83, H84, H85 and H86). (B) Interaction of a specific region of Syo1, called Syo1-HS (amino acids 328-384), with L11 in the context of the 5S RNP. (C) Structure of the 5S RNP bound to a distinct fragment of MDM2 (amino acids 293-334). The fragment of 25S rRNA is coloured in yellow, that of Syo1 in light gold, and that of MDM2 in dark gold; 5S rRNA in highlighted in red, L5 in cyan and L11 in blue. PDB ID: The 5S RNP bound to 25S rRNA was taken from 3U5I and 3U5H [44]; Syo1-HS fragment was extracted from 5AFF [163] after superimposing the structure shown here with that present in the PDB file 4GMN [144]; MDM2 fragment was taken from 4XXP [164] after superimposing the structure shown in this file with that of L11 shown in A.

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