Back to article: Yeast AP-1 like transcription factors (Yap) and stress response: a current overview

FIGURE 3: Schematic representation of the Yap5 involvement in the cellular response to iron-overload. In upper panel is represented the cellular response to low levels of iron (“low iron” in the figure) where the Aft1 transcription factor is responsible for the activation of the iron regulon. In the lower panel is represented the role of Yap5 when cells are exposed to iron excess conditions (“high iron” in the figure). Yap5 activates the expression of CCC1, coding for a vacuolar iron transporter, and of TYW1, encoding a cytosolic Fe-S cluster protein. Additionally, it activates the expression of GRX4 gene, coding for a glutathione-dependent oxidoreductase, leading to Aft1 accumulation in the cytoplasm.

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