Back to article: Yeast AP-1 like transcription factors (Yap) and stress response: a current overview

FIGURE 4: Schematic representation of the Yap1 and Yap8 involvement in arsenic adaptation. The phosphate transporters, Pho84 and Pho87, take up arsenate. Arsenite can enter the cells through hexose transporters, Hxt, and the aquaglyceroporin, Fps1. Upon arsenic exposure, Yap8 recognizes and binds a specific YRE sequence, TGATTAATAATCA, depicted as Y8RE. Then, it interacts with the mediator complex, via the tail subunit Med2, which is essential for the full activation of its target genes, ACR2 and ACR3 (for details see text). Arsenite is imported into the vacuole, in conjugation with glutathione, by Ycf1, which is regulated by Yap1. Furthermore, Yap1 activates antioxidant response and Fe-S cluster biogenesis genes, to mitigate the ROS and the disruption of Fe-S clusters, generated by arsenic.

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