Back to article: Thiol trapping and metabolic redistribution of sulfur metabolites enable cells to overcome cysteine overload

FIGURE 1: Effect of (A) cysteine and (B) cystine on S. cerevisiae cells expressing TEF-YCT1 or TEF-CgCYN1.

S. cerevisiae cysteine transporter YCT1 and C. glabrata cystine transporter CgCYN1 expressed under TEF promoter and corresponding vector (p416TEF) were transformed into S. cerevisiae ABC 1738. Transformants were evaluated for growth and toxicity by serial dilution on minimal media containing different cysteine and cystine concentrations and growth curve analysis was carried in SD (synthetic defined) medium where 1 mM cysteine or cystine was added after 3 hrs of incubation at 30°C.