Back to article: Two distinct penicillin binding proteins promote cell division in different Salmonella lifestyles

FIGURE 1: Existing gaps in our current knowledge of PBP3SAL function in S. Typhimurium. (A) Phenomena to be analysed in future studies respect PBP3SAL activity during the interaction of S. Typhimurium with the eukaryotic cell. These include: (1) the regulators that upregulate expression of PBP3SAL following entry into the phagosomal compartment; (2) whether intracellular bacteria express PBP3 in the acidic phagosome and, in that case, if it is co-expressed with PBP3SAL; (3) how PBP3SAL expression is downregulated when bacteria exit from the infected host cell to the extracellular space; and, (4) given the specialization of PBP3SAL for functioning exclusively in acidic environments, whether there are additional differences in the PG machinery of intra-phagosomal and cytosolic bacterial populations that could result in a PG structural alterations; (B) Aspects that at the bacterial cell level that remain unknown for PBP3SAL, including: (5) the exact localization of PBP3SAL on the bacterial surface; and, (6) the interaction of PBP3SAL with divisome proteins required to build a division septum independently of PBP3.

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