Table of contents

Volume 2, Issue 5, pp. 139 - 173, May 2015

Issue cover
Cover: The cover is an artistic expression of the discovery that Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a non-phytopathogen, produces cytokinins. Artwork by artist Magali Geney was modified by MIC. The cover is published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Enlarge issue cover

Yeast as a model system to study metabolic impact of selenium compounds

Enrique Herrero and Ralf Erik Wellinger

Reviews | page 139-149 | 10.15698/mic2015.05.200 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Toxoplasma gondii inhibits cytochrome c-induced caspase activation in its host cell by interference with holo-apoptosome assembly

Kristin Graumann, Frieder Schaumburg, Thomas F. Reubold, Diana Hippe, Susanne Eschenburg and Carsten G. K. Lüder

Research Articles | page 150-162 | 10.15698/mic2015.05.201 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Exogenous folates stimulate growth and budding of Candida glabrata

Afsaneh Porzoor and Ian G. Macreadie

Research Reports | page 163-167 | 10.15698/mic2015.05.202 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Cytokinins beyond plants: synthesis by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Marie I. Samanovic and K. Heran Darwin

Microreviews | page 168-170 | 10.15698/mic2015.05.203 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Understanding grapevine-microbiome interactions: implications for viticulture industry

Iratxe Zarraonaindia and Jack A. Gilbert

Microreviews | page 171-173 | 10.15698/mic2015.05.204 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

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