Table of contents

Volume 3, Issue 12, pp. 579 - 631, December 2016

Issue cover
Cover: Electron micrograph of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 20 days after treatment with the autophagy inductor spermidine (image by Dr. Birthe Fahrenkrog, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium); image modified by MIC. The cover is published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Enlarge issue cover

Autophagy: one more Nobel Prize for yeast

Andreas Zimmermann, Katharina Kainz, Aleksandra Andryushkova, Sebastian Hofer, Frank Madeo, Didac Carmona-Gutierrez

Editorial | page 579-581 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.544 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Physiology, phylogeny, and LUCA

William F. Martin, Madeline C. Weiss, Sinje Neukirchen, Shijulal Nelson-Sathi, Filipa L. Sousa

Viewpoint | page 582-587 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.545 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Autophagy: machinery and regulation

Zhangyuan Yin, Clarence Pascual, Daniel J. Klionsky

Reviews | page 588-596 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.546 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Bax mitochondrial relocation is linked to its phosphorylation and its interaction with Bcl-xL

David Garenne, Thibaud T. Renault, Stéphen Manon

Research Articles | page 597-605 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.547 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Impact of histone H4K16 acetylation on the meiotic recombination checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Santiago Cavero, Esther Herruzo, David Ontoso and Pedro A. San-Segundo

Research Articles | page 606-620 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.548 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

The transcription factors ADR1 or CAT8 are required for RTG pathway activation and evasion from yeast acetic acid-induced programmed cell death in raffinose

Luna Laera, Nicoletta Guaragnella, Maša Ždralević, Domenico Marzulli, Zhengchang Liu, Sergio Giannattasio

Research Reports | page 621-631 | 10.15698/mic2016.12.549 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

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