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A novel BR-SMAD is required for larval development in barber’s pole worm Haemonchus contortus

Fangfang Li, Peixi Qin, Lisha Ye, Nishith Gupta and Min Hu

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SMAD proteins mediate TGF-β signaling and thereby regulate the metazoan development; however, they are poorly defined in Haemonchus contortus–a common blood-sucking parasitic nematode of small ruminants. Here, we characterized an R-SMAD family protein in H. contortus termed HcSMA2, which is closely related to Caenorhabditis elegans SMA2 (CeSMA2) involved in the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling. Hcsma2 is transcribed in all developmental stages of H. contortus but highly induced in the adult male worms. The RNA interference with Hcsma2 retarded the transition of infective L3 into L4 larvae. Besides, the bimolecular fluorescence complementation revealed the interaction of HcSMA2 with a TGF-β-activated-R-SMAD (HcDAF8). Together these results show a BMP-like receptor-regulated SMAD in H. contortus that is required for larval differentiation and underscore an adaptive functional repurposing of BMP-signaling in parasitic worms.

PDF | Supplemental Information | Published online: 23/12/2020 | In press

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