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This section includes articles accepted for publication in Microbial Cell, which have not been released in a regular issue, yet. Please note that the PDF versions of advance publication articles are generally paginated starting with page 1. This does not correspond to the final pagination upon release of the issue it will appear in.


The logics of metabolic regulation in bacteria challenges biosensor-based metabolic engineering

Matthieu Jules

Full text | PDF | Published online: 11/12/2017 |

A novel basolateral type IV secretion model for the CagA oncoprotein of Helicobacter pylori

Silja Wessler and Steffen Backert

Full text | PDF | Published online: 09/12/2017 |

Yeast quiescence exit swiftness is influenced by cell volume and chronological age

Damien Laporte, Laure Jimenez, Laëtitia Gouleme, Isabelle Sagot

Full text | PDF | Published online: 06/12/2017 |

Exploring the mechanism of amebic trogocytosis: the role of amebic lysosomes

Allissia A. Gilmartin and William A. Petri, Jr

Full text | PDF | Published online: 06/12/2017 |

A versatile plasmid system for reconstitution and analysis of mammalian ubiquitination cascades in yeast

Rossella Avagliano Trezza, Janny van den Burg, Nico van den Oever and Ben Distel

Full text | PDF | Published online: 05/12/2017 |

Alcohols enhance the rate of acetic acid diffusion in S. cerevisiae: biophysical mechanisms and implications for acetic acid tolerance

Lina Lindahl, Samuel Genheden, Fábio Faria-Oliveira, Stefan Allard, Leif A. Eriksson, Lisbeth Olsson, Maurizio Bettiga

Full text | PDF | Published online: 01/12/2017 |

Untargeted metabolomics confirms and extends the understanding of the impact of aminoimidazole carboxamide ribotide (AICAR) in the metabolic network of Salmonella enterica

Jannell V. Bazurto, Stephen P. Dearth, Eric D. Tague, Shawn R. Campagna and Diana M. Downs

Full text | PDF | Published online: 22/11/2017 |

The cytosolic glyoxalases of Plasmodium falciparum are dispensable during asexual blood-stage development

Cletus A. Wezena, Romy Alisch, Alexandra Golzmann, Linda Liedgens, Verena Staudacher, Gabriele Pradel and Marcel Deponte

Full text | PDF | Published online: 20/11/2017 |