The Publisher

Shared Science Publishers is a publishing group dedicated to the dissemination of scientific data and knowledge. Shared Science Publishers sees its primary goal in the communication of science at all levels, enabling the acquisition and exchange of ideas and scientific advancements for researchers, educators and interested individuals. Please learn more about the publisher’s editorial policies and open access policy.


Shared Science Publishers is based in Graz (Austria, see Legal Notice) and managed by two directors and assisted by managers for communication and technical issues, respectively. The directors of Shared Science Publishers are ultimately responsible for the scientific quality of the journals released. At the journal level, they are assisted by the corresponding Editorial Board, the members of which are selectively chosen based on their scientific achievements in their respective field. At the publisher level, they are supported by the opinions and recommendations of an external advisory council, composed of high class scientists with broad experience in scholarly and life science publishing. They provide advice at two levels, the scientific content of the journals and the administration and development of the publishing group.

In addition to Microbial Cell, Shared Science Publishers also produces Cell Stress, an international journal that covers heterogenous topics in the field of cellular pathophysiology.

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