Back to article: Mitochondria-Associated Membranes (MAMs) are involved in Bax mitochondrial localization and cytochrome c release

FIGURE 2: Bax-P168A is partly retained in ER, and has a decreased ability to release cytochrome c in κmdm34 cells. (A) Cytochrome c+c1/Cytochrome b ratios measured on mitochondria isolated from wild-type or κmdm34 cells expressing Bax-P168A. Each point represents a single mitochondria preparation. The hatched zone corresponds to the typical values found on mitochondria preparations from cells that do not express Bax [27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39]. *: p<0.05 (unpaired Student t-test). (B) Cytochrome c+c1/Cytochrome b ratios measured on mitochondria preparations isolated from strains co-expressing Bax-P168A and Bcl-xL. (C) Separation of whole extracts from cells expressing Bax-P168A on a 15-65% sucrose density gradient. Vertical lines mark the separation between different gels. Data are representative of four independent experiments.

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