Back to article: Type II-Metacaspases are involved in cell stress but not in cell death in the unicellular green alga Dunaliella tertiolecta

FIGURE 1. Cell abundance (A) and maximal quantum yield (Fv/Fm) (B) in cultures of D. tertiolecta exposed to PAR (P, •) and to PAR + UVA + UVB (PAB, ○) for six days immediately after the day 0 measurement (culture in P). Symbols are means of measurements of two independent replicate cultures and three replicate samples from each culture cylinder. Error bars indicate standard deviations. Figure reproduced with permission of The Journal of Experimental Botany [41].

41. García-Gómez C, Parages ML, Jiménez C, Palma A, Mata MT and Segovia M (2012). Cell survival after UV radiation stress in the unicellular chlorophyte Dunaliella tertiolecta is mediated by DNA repair and MAPK phosphorylation. J Exp Bot 63: 5259-5274. doi: 10.1093/jxb/ers185

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