Back to article: Type II-Metacaspases are involved in cell stress but not in cell death in the unicellular green alga Dunaliella tertiolecta

FIGURE 3. MCs immunodetection in D. tertiolecta exposed to PAR + UVA + UVB (PAB) for six days with a polyclonal antibody specific against MC-type II (α-AtII) from the model plant A. thaliana (A); negative control with the 1ary antibody substituted by its correspondent pre-immune sera (B); positive control consisting of α-AtII blocked with MC9 recombinant protein (RCMC9) and probed against Atwt, Atoe9, Atoe1, and Dt (C); positive cross-reaction controls consisting of proteins extracted from A. thaliana wild type leaves (Atwt), from A. thaliana over-expressing MC9 (Atoe9) and MC1 (Atoe1) electrophoresed and western blotted together with D. tertiolecta samples (Dt) protein and probed against α-AtII (D).

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