Back to article: Variants of the human RAD52 gene confer defects in ionizing radiation resistance and homologous recombination repair in budding yeast

FIGURE 1: The adh1::HsRAD52-G59R-FLAG and adh1::HsRAD52-S346X-FLAG alleles express stable proteins in budding yeast cells. Whole cell extracts from strains ABX3684-12B (adh1::HsRAD52-FLAG), ABX3782-2D (adh1::HsRAD52-G59R-FLAG) and ABX3974-11C (adh1::HsRAD52-S346X-FLAG) were run on SDS-PAGE gels, blotted to a nylon membrane and probed with anti-FLAG and anti-GAPDH antibodies. The genotypes of the strains are denoted at the top of the figure. Bands corresponding to wild-type and mutant HsRAD52, and GAPDH are labeled on the left side of the figure.

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