Back to article: Broad-spectrum antifungal activities and mechanism of drimane sesquiterpenoids

FIGURE 5: Yeast spot assay and molecular docking. (A) Validation of C. albicans Tn-insertion mutant screen data by yeast spot assay. A four-fold serially diluted yeast cultures of indicated C. albicans heterozygous mutants (GRACE) were spot tested on YPD agar containing 1 (30 μg/ml) or DMSO (− 1). Heterozygous mutants (RET2/-, Orf19.759/-, Orf19.1672/-, and Orf19.4382/-) directly or indirectly affected by 1 were hypersensitive and showed lack of growth. (B) Molecular docking of drimenol with the C. parvum Crk1 kinase. Molecular docking of 1 with C. parvum Crk1 crystal structure (2QKR-A) was performed using AutoDock Vina software.

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