Back to article: Nutrient sensing and cAMP signaling in yeast: G-protein coupled receptor versus transceptor activation of PKA

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FIGURE 5: Identification of consensus motif in the nutrient transceptors and Bcy1. The consensus sequence (I/L/φ)XXXXX(I/L/φ)XXTKXXXXXXφXXφ is present, at least to a great extent, in all transceptors and in the regulatory subunit of PKA. The conserved motif is also present in a number of other transporters, including the active Hxt transporters of which Hxt1 and Hxt6 are shown as example. The Cdc33 protein, which is required for progression over the nutrient deprivation site in the G1 phase of the cell cycle, like the essential proteins in the cAMP-PKA pathway, also contains the consensus motif. The amino acid transporters most closely related to Gap1 and the transporters most closely related to Pho84 lack the consensus motif, except in the latter case for Gal2 and Snf3.

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