Back to article: Sulforaphane alters the acidification of the yeast vacuole

FIGURE 1: SFN inhibits the growth of yeast cells with mutations.(A) Ten-fold serial dilutions of wild type yeast cells from the BY4742 and PSY316 strain backgrounds were plated on synthetic defined (SD) media with increasing concentrations of SFN and allowed to grow at 30°C for two days. (B) Wild type cells from both the BY4742 and PSY316 strain backgrounds were grown in synthetic defined (SD) liquid cultures containing 100 μg/mL of SFN. The viability of the cells at the indicated time points was determined using propidium iodide (PI) as a vital stain and compared to the zero time point as control. Dead yeast cells stain with PI. Error bars indicate standard deviations for trials with at least three independent cultures. The difference in viabilities was deemed statistically significant by the Student's t-test comparing cells grown in SFN with control cells grown without drug (* p<0.05; ** p<0.01; *** p<0.001; **** p<0.0001).

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