Back to article: Proanthocyanidin-enriched cranberry extract induces resilient bacterial community dynamics in a gnotobiotic mouse model

FIGURE 2: CJE treatment modulates the intestinal microbiome in a gnotobiotic mouse model. (A) Schematic of the experimental setup. (B) Bray Curtis distance of the microbial compositions related to the pre-treatment time point day 9. Points and error bars represent mean and standard error of the mean. *: p≤0.05, ***: p≤0.001. (C-N) Longitudinal depiction of the mean relative abundance throughout the experiment for the 12/15 bacteria that persistently colonized the gnotobiotic mice and were regulated in response to the CJE treatment. Lighter lines show individual replicates. Data for indicated statistical tests are summarized in Figure S5.

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