Back to article: Cellular cholesterol licenses Legionella pneumophila intracellular replication in macrophages

FIGURE 3: Impact of cellular cholesterol on Lp intracellular replication. Intracellular bacterial replication measured by luminescence output over 96 hrs from BMDMs infected with Lp icmRpLuxR at MOI of 7.5 in the absence or presence of 3.3 µM ketoconazole (a), 5µM U18666A (b), 5µM cholesterol (a-b), 1% (v/v) FBS (a-b) or DMSO (a-b). Each data point represents an average of technical triplicates ± SD. For statistical analysis, each data series was compared to the data series obtained from the ketoconazole only-treated cells (a) or U18666a only-treated cells (b) using two-way ANOVA analysis. **** p<0.0001; *** p<0.0002; ** p<0.0021; * p< 0.033 (a-b) Representative data from one of three biological replicates are shown.

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